Something like 300 senior people from corporations all over America (and much further afield) attended the Business Wire XBRL webinar yesterday. Updated: A podcast of the presentations is now available. The slides are [no longer available]. We covered interactive data from all points — inside the corporation, from the investor’s standpoint, the regulator’s standpoint, the view from Wall Street (Morgan Stanley are right at the forefront of this topic) and WIFM… WhatsInItForMe, from the perspective of the corporate controller, IRO or CFO.

Mike Willis is still thinking faster than just about everyone else on the subject of business reporting. His slide on the effects of standardisation in all walks of life is really compelling. I also like the way he splits the various defining features of XBRL into "Standardisation" and "Validation". Can I steal that slide Mike? He also hinted at linking XBRL concepts to the control framework, an idea that David vun Kannon, who now works at PwC with Mike, has spoken about in the past. Potentially this is an incredibly powerful mechanism to highlight control deficiencies, and will obviously be of interest to the Audit firm’s (non-audit) clients.

Corey Booth mentioned that the SEC will make some announcements about the next stages of its Interactive Data agenda in the next couple of weeks. I’m guessing that they will announce the way that they intend to allow investors to do financial analysis of XBRL instance documents directly from the SEC site. I don’t suppose that the guys at Yahoo Finance are shaking in their shoes just yet. But it will probably come as a wake-up call. In an XBRL world you need to add real value to data, or forget about being an infomediary.

Thanks to all the speakers for agreeing to be part of it, and to Business Wire, our hosts.

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