So, lots of people have been wondering about what we have been up to over the last few months. It’s true. We’ve been pre-occupied. But now we are beginning to take the wraps off. SpiderMonkey! It’s here!

Based on Eclipse, SpiderMonkey offers a phenomenal new experience for taxonomy builders everywhere. It provides a user interface that offers all the power of XBRL, but in a user-friendly way. SpiderMonkey is based on True North, so you can be completely confident about the output. As one of our early testers says "The UI reflects a complete understanding of the XBRL spec – not some approximation to it". But that’s what you expected from us.

Now in Beta… (the program is pretty full up, but if you can convince me that you’ll really work it, you know what you are talking about, and will file bugs and enhancement requests, we might squeeze you in). In general, you can Sign Up to get it on general release.

PS: Did you hear us say "three way merge"??? Yup. It does that too!