Yesterday we released a free as in beer, no licencing restrictions copy of our fully featured XBRL taxonomy development platform. Yes folks, SpiderMonkey Personal Version is available for download now. Read the press release here.

Why would we do that? It’s user friendly. It lets users make it easy to build complete, multi-lingual taxonomies. It is full of features that make life easier, including capabilities to unify, or de-duplicate reporting concepts. It’s based an the Eclipse Rich Client Application, and our True North validation and processing engine so it’s rock solid. It’s a great way not just to learn about taxonomies and XBRL in general, but as *the* tool of choice for that task. And we are giving it away?

Well, we are genuinely committed to making sure that XBRL gets adopted right around the world, so this should help out.

We also believe that folk that need a bit of extra help will buy the Professional version from us, in order to get full support, or, for larger operations that need multi-user features and all of the comfort, reporting, audit trails and power that is offered by the Enterprise Version. So this move is not completely altruistic. But I did mention that it’s free, right?