iXBRL has been a reality since April, but post-mandate it’s clear that companies are still struggling to cope with HMRC’s requirement for iXBRL filing.  During a series of recent iXBRL webinars we questioned delegates about their filing plans.  Many had filed early to avoid the issue – for this year at least – and others had outsourced the problem, but a significant percentage claim little understanding of iXBRL and remain ill-prepared to meet the new filing obligations.  Most expressed concern about the amount of additional time they would need to spend on the conversion process.

Mindful of this prevalent view, we have been constantly evolving our Seahorse tagging tool to cut the conversion time.

From the beginning Seahorse included a unique autotagging facility, suggesting tags for each concept in the financial tables and letting you then review and confirm the appropriate tag.  This process has always been quicker than traditional ‘drag and drop’ methods, but the new Bulk Review facility in the latest Seahorse release has made it even faster.  No longer do you have to review suggestions line by line, you now have the option to confirm all ‘high confidence’ items – or even all items in the table.  Three clicks are all you need.  Seahorse also now interprets simple column headers containing only a year (e.g. ‘2011’) and expands these to the correct reporting period, saving you even more time.

To speed up the process still further, Seahorse now immediately alerts you if a tag you are about to create has already been used elsewhere to report a different number.

Are you prepared for iXBRL?