XBRL International has announced the publication of a new Public Working Draft of the Table Linkbase specification.  This specification forms a key component of the Solvency II and CRD IV XBRL reporting projects.  This release is the first Public Working Draft since 2011, and represents a significant step forward in the maturity and quality of the specification.

Projects that have looked to adopt the Table Linkbase specification have been held back by a lack of recent public releases of the specification, creating interoperability problems as projects have adopted customised versions of the published schemas and standards.

The latest release of the specification has been driven forward by the efforts of CoreFiling staff, and in particular, Jon Siddle.  CoreFiling contributions have included the introduction of an XML serialised “infoset” for defining and testing the conformance of Table Linkbase processors, and the refactoring of the specification into three separate models (Definition, Structural and Rendering) to give a clear separation between syntax and semantics.

These improvements to the foundation of the specification will accelerate the development of the standard towards becoming an XBRL International Recommendation, and will help address the interoperability issues that have beset early adopters of the specification.