Last week CoreFiling took advantage of an invitation to attend the SME Innovation Expo 2013 in London, organised by HMRC in conjunction with Capgemini.  This high profile event gave an opportunity for small and medium IT suppliers to meet with a wide range of people from HMRC and other government departments.

CoreFiling was proud to be chosen to represent the SME community as one of only two companies profiled as ‘exemplars’ of effective working together with government.  During the morning plenary session we shared the platform with Skyscape for informal Q & A giving insight into how to work successfully with a government department, the impact it can have on the business and some of the challenges that SMEs face.  The role CoreFiling played in the invention and pioneering of iXBRL was also recognised during the presentations, which highlighted HMRC’s Company Tax filing project as the world’s largest, highly successful XBRL implementation.

The Keynote Speaker was Stephen Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at the Cabinet Office, who emphasised that under the Digital by Default agenda, there are excellent opportunities for SMEs to help drive efficiencies and offer cost-effective services.

Mark Hall, HMRC CIO, spoke about how HMRC is being transformed into a digital business, needing a different approach to delivering IT services.  Increasingly, this means using a new SME ecosystem that can meet the growing imperative for agility as well as a range of new products and services.  The key message was that:  “HMRC is open for business with SMEs.”

Bill Cook from Capgemini gave a talk about ‘Supporting the SME agenda within government’, which again emphasised the role that companies such as CoreFiling can now play within government IT and how this aligns with Capgemini’s role as a Solutions and Systems Integrator within the new HMRC structure.

During the afternoon, twelve SME organisations exhibited their products and services to delegates from government departments such as HMRC, Cabinet Office, DWP and Ministry of Justice.  CoreFiling and the other exemplar company, Skyscape, were on hand to discuss with other SMEs the keys to engaging successfully with government, and to market our own credentials to the visiting government departments.

This was an excellent, very well attended event.  It was heartening to see the government’s increasing commitment to the SME community.