One thing we’re really proud of here at CoreFiling is our ability to deliver the highest quality software.  We employ exceedingly bright, highly skilled software engineers, developing code using Agile methodologies.

However, the one thing on which we constantly rely to ensure top quality output is our own continuous integration product, Decimate®.  It not only underpins our own development philosophy but is also made available to our customers, and plays an important role in ensuring the success of client taxonomy development projects. In fact, Decimate can support the overall build-test-release cycle of any development project.

The main advantage of using the continuous integration philosophy is that it provides on-going quality assurance and testing throughout the process.  Developers do not have to wait until they are finally ready to release to discover build failures.  Decimate confers a higher degree of confidence to the development process.

Typical development projects involve several people working on the same files simultaneously.  Without a common repository for the seamless merging of changes, chaos is likely to ensue. Dependencies between files need to be handled effectively as there may be unforeseen impacts from one to another.  Decimate guards against these potential pitfalls behind the scenes, by packaging and automatically testing the latest version every time a user makes changes to the taxonomy and confirms those changes back into the central repository.

What’s more, if the build encounters problems, Decimate gives developers very useful information to help determine the source of the issue so it can be corrected prior to the next build.  It’s colour-coded too, for ease of review.

Get ahead with your taxonomy development project with Decimate!  It’s the worry-free option.

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