CoreFiling are well known as producers of excellent COTS software products for regulatory markets around the world, helping both filers and regulators to take full advantage of XBRL technology.

What is less well known perhaps is that the company has an excellent knowledge of enterprise platforms and the necessary componentry when it comes to the integration of XBRL technology into the wider organisational infrastructure, particularly other vendors’ Analytical, Business Intelligence, Data Integration or B2B Process Integration platforms. This gives CoreFiling a distinct advantage as we are able to offer:

  • in-depth expertise and advice to customers and partners in the understanding of how to undertake complex integration projects
  • SOA style integration into existing infrastructure

XBRL resources scarce

This expertise is particularly relevant today, as XBRL resources are scarce, yet XBRL is being mandated in more and more situations around the world, with mandates such as CRD IV and Solvency II taking centre stage in Europe.

We believe our expertise will appeal to organisations and partners who are struggling to find the best, most knowledgeable company to handle the thorny issue of integration, and we are always happy to discuss how we can help you to achieve a successful integration project.

Successful XBRL projects

CoreFiling have delivered highly successful XBRL projects with major regulators such as HMRC and Companies House in the UK, The Australian Tax Office and the Federal Accounting Standards Board in the USA. In the UK, since the start of the HMRC iXBRL mandate, there have been over 3.4 million filings – all validated using CoreFiling tools – the world’s largest XBRL project.

More details about CoreFiling’s in depth understanding of the XBRL technologies can be found on the XBRL credentials page on our website.