Customers often tell us that one of the most useful and time-saving aspects of our Seahorse® iXBRL conversion software is the ability to take an existing iXBRL filing and re-use it as the basis for another year’s filing, the so-called ‘roll-forward’ effect.

That’s really helpful to existing users, but what about new customers who have previously tagged accounts using a different system?

The latest release of Seahorse solves that problem very simply. Seahorse will now accept the import of any valid iXBRL document and create a read-only filing. This filing can then be re-used as the basis for any future filing as it retains all the previously tagged information, so the tagging decisions already made using your previous system will be applied against the new return in Seahorse.

So, if you’ve been struggling with your current iXBRL tagging tool, look no further for a compelling, easy to use alternative.

Add Seahorse to your list of 2015 New Year resolutions.