CRD IV and Solvency II reporting solution

CoreFiling offer proven, standards-based XBRL components, the vital resources and expertise to help financial institutions meet the demand for XBRL-compliant reporting under the CRD IV and Solvency II regimes. The solution will also handle future XBRL reporting needs in a consistent manner.

The XBRL Disclosure Management Platform is built on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. It covers all aspects of the reporting workflow behind the production of COREP, FINREP, Liquidity and Solvency II reports in XBRL:

  • Extracting and collating the source data
  • Producing and validating the XBRL document
  • Reviewing and revising the XBRL document
  • Packaging and submitting the final XBRL document to the regulator


XBRL compliance in a box

The XBRL Disclosure Management Platform helps banks and insurance companies to overcome the major obstacles presented by the new EBA and EIOPA reporting requirements:

  • Security
  • Document management
  • Workflow
  • Versioning
  • Rendering
  • XBRL creation and submission

Incorporating the regulatory changes into your existing environment may seem challenging, yet rapid compliance is crucial. Our solution simplifies the process by providing:

  • An accelerated delivery package
  • APIs for strategic integrations

CoreFiling offer a wealth of XBRL experience. We have created robust components in support of complex reporting infrastructures around the world. The company provides the essential building blocks to ensure XBRL project success.


Key elements of the solution


Less complex requirements?

Financial institutions with simpler XBRL reporting needs should consider our cloud-based Seahorse® XBRL document production solution. Seahorse is a cloud-based solution that generates the required Microsoft® Excel templates. Once populated and uploaded, they are seamlessly turned into XBRL reports. Alternatively, to overcome the issue of vast amounts of data locked inside BI and data warehouse systems, Seahorse uses CSV file format to extract reporting data from large internal data stores before converting it to XBRL ready for submission to the regulator.

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