ICAEW Roadshow – Demystifying XBRL – Notes from the Road

The CoreFiling Seahorse team is “Demystifying XBRL” all over the UK this week and next with the ICAEW and HMRC. Following the success of the London event on December 17th, which was packed to capacity, the ICAEW regional roadshows kicked off yesterday – aptly enough – in Manchester City Football Stadium. More than 80 people attended. Who would ever have predicted that XBRL would have such mass-appeal! Drama was heightened further by a brief emergency evacuation of the venue mid-morning; it seems that their smoke detectors are fully-functioning.

As the Manchester event wrapped up, one of the panellists drew the attention of the audience to the e-mail addresses of all the speakers listed on the Programme with the caveat that any hard questions should be sent to our very own John Turner! That’s fine by us, and if the questions are the kind of ones that might be of interest to lots of people, we may publish the answers, so please send them in or place them in the comments here.

Today’s venue is the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. On Monday, we have two sell-out events scheduled back-to-back in the splendid Chartered Accountants’ Hall in London’s Moorgate. On Tuesday, you can see us at The Bristol Golf Club. Then we travel to the north of England for a breakfast seminar on Thursday morning in the Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham.

The purpose of the Demystifying XBRL events is to help accountants understand what the iXBRL mandate means for them. We dispel fear and discuss solutions. The speakers cover everything from the high-level technical lingo to the finer details of the regulation itself. There’s also an opportunity to preview Seahorse, our iXBRL solution.

If you’re attending any of the events, please say hello to the Seahorse team!

Beer from Munich

A month has passed since the Munich XBRL conference and for some reason the slides have not yet been posted. I’ve had a few requests for my talks, so here they are.

Michael Ohata and I gave a joint talk about XBRL International, with my section on the background to and current priorities of the Standards Board. I’m going to write some more about that elsewhere in the near future, but for the moment, here are the slides (PDF).The bottom line is that while we have a terrific community, we still need more volunteer experts who are responsible for XBRL technology inside their own shops, simultaneously working inside the consortium to help improve the level of testing and review that is conducted on modules that cover requirements such as versioning, formula and rendering.

Ralf Frank (who is the very articulate MD of the DVFA) and I co-chaired a day and a half long session on External Reporting. The track brought together professionals that work with business reports from a number of perspectives (exchanges, analysts, infomediaries, credit ratings agencies and the audit profession). I spoke about managing expectations in an XBRL-enabled world. Today the first thing that investors see (and that the entire process is geared around) is EPS. The day you get an entire earnings release marked up in XBRL you can do a lot more analysis than has ever been possible in the past. Sorry about the lack of beer – but I got your attention, didn’t I? Drop me a line if you want to discuss, disagree, or explore.