Senior Management Team

CoreFiling’s management team has an unrivalled depth of experience in data modelling and XBRL processing.



Picture of Philip Allen

Philip Allen, Executive Chairman

Philip Allen was one of the founding employees of CATS Software Inc., a specialist in risk management software which was launched on NASDAQ with a successful IPO in 1995. He founded CoreFiling (then known as DecisionSoft) in 1997, and built up a strong practice in XML data modelling.

Following the completion of the XBRL v2.1 specification, Philip took a lead in supporting the ongoing development of the emerging standard. He won an award for devising the Inline XBRL format, which is now mandated for company tax filings in the UK. He is Editor and author of the Inline XBRL Specification and Chairman of XBRL UK, the UK jurisdiction of the XBRL International Consortium.


Picture of Mark Goodhand

Mark Goodhand, Head of Research

A strong advocate of the use of open standards, Mark is Chairman of the XBRL Base Specification and Maintenance Working Group and primary author of the XBRL Generic Links specification. He is widely regarded as one of the ultimate authorities on the XBRL specifications.

Mark holds an Honours BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).



Catherine Long, Head of Sales

Catherine Long joined CoreFiling as Head of Sales in 2009. In this role, Catherine has global responsibility for the company’s sales strategy and has built CoreFiling’s Australian operations from scratch. Prior to joining CoreFiling, Catherine was Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Integrated Research, an ASX-listed software development company.