Business rules management and execution

Business rules are used to add data validation logic to document processing systems, delivering accurate custom validation without having to write execution code.

CoreFiling have been focussing on the development of data validation logic systems since 1998, and offer a range of different solutions according to individual circumstances. The company is known for providing business rules implementations which are quick to develop and simple to maintain.


Minimise inaccuracies in XBRL documents

To achieve consistency of reporting, regulatory mandates impose compliance rules against which submissions can be verified. For example, the recent EBA and EIOPA XBRL mandates regulating the banking and insurance industries have introduced XII Formula rules against which filings are checked. Filers must ensure that their report production systems take account of the rules in order to avoid rejection of the XBRL documents.


Sound business rules management

Whether XII Formula or another business rules language is used to specify and verify the underlying meaning within the XBRL, CoreFiling have extensive experience in assisting both regulators and filers to implement sound business rules management solutions.


Related products

  • RIM is a managed service provided to government departments to develop and manage large data models with complex, inter-related business rules.
  • Sphinx® is a business rules language designed to provide easy-to-read data validation logic for complex XBRL validation applications. Sphinx rules are processed by True North®.
  • XBRL Formula is commonly used for the publication of widely used XBRL validation rules-sets. Our True North® XII Formula Processor is an optional add-on to the True North® XBRL Processor and the True North® Enterprise XBRL Processor.

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