Data modelling

Ensure valid data

Government agencies and large corporations collect data through a wide range of different electronic transactions. Whether those transactions are tax filings, health information, pensions data, financial or sales transactions, each calls for detailed interface and validation definitions. These definitions need to conform to accepted standards and need to be applied consistently by the agency, by filers, and by third party software developers.

The Rules and Interface Management (RIM) process guarantees maximum interoperability, standardisation and reuse of components that ensure data validity.

RIM is a managed service providing a single source for validation rules that can be re-used throughout your ICT estate, thereby providing complete consistency. It provides a central mechanism to determine the reusable, unambiguous field definitions required to ensure successful on-line submissions.

RIM generates XML and EDI interfaces, Schematron and other specialised rules in an agile, responsive and flexible manner. It ensures that validation rules are up-to-date and remain consistent across multiple filing or submissions channels.


Advantages of the CoreFiling solution

  • Consistency: Both consistency when gathering rules requirements and consistency of RIM outputs lead to high quality, reduced costs and integrity of data submissions.
  • Complete, automated documentation: Extensive documentation is made available for message structures and rules together with comprehensive samples and test cases, outputs that fulfil the requirements of both business and technical users.
  • Agility and flexibility: Changes to requirements, even the late-breaking ones, can easily be accommodated.
  • Iterative approach: Interim distributions provide early visibility of upcoming changes to encourage feedback from stakeholders.
  • Lightweight automated process: Changes are accommodated without burdensome administrative overhead. The process allows collaboration and agility whilst retaining high quality and consistent outputs.
  • Standards based: Standards-based open technology for cost-effectiveness and maximum interoperability.



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