Taxonomy development and data modelling

Enterprise and regulatory performance reporting calls for data models and taxonomies which often comprise thousands of concepts. Managing their development is a complex task which needs to combine technical ability with domain expertise. The right taxonomy development and data modelling tools will provide an environment that can make business experts productive without needing a lot of technical training.

CoreFiling have been providing enterprise-level data modelling software since 1998. Our services teams have been responsible for leading-edge data model development implemented in both XBRL and XML. Out of this experience come the most effective tools available on the market today.


Taxonomy development and data modelling resources

XBRL taxonomy development: The success of XBRL filing initiatives relies on taxonomies that are understood by the generators and consumers of that data. In order to collect the data you need, you must first define a taxonomy that is both consistent and well understood.

RIM data modelling: Regulators and government departments need to develop and manage large data models with complex, inter-related business rules. The RIM managed service provides the answer.


Related products

  • SpiderMonkey® is the world’s only XBRL taxonomy editor designed specifically for business users, whether working alone or in extended, distributed teams.
  • Yeti® combines online reference, review and commenting on XBRL taxonomies to provide an efficient collaborative environment to simplify the task of running an in-depth taxonomy review programme.
  • Decimate® is a heavy duty continuous testing tool which automates the process of developing, testing and publishing large taxonomies and data models.
  • RIM is a managed service provided to government departments to develop and manage large data models with complex, inter-related business rules.

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