A Day in the Life: Kim

Kim, Product DevelopmentI joined CoreFiling about two years ago as a graduate hire. Since then I have been working on True North Connector, which converts XBRL to Excel forms, CSV and database. My typical day is:



I choose to start work at half nine, but hours are flexible and most people arrive after me. I start the day by checking my emails then seeing if any problems (“fires”) have been detected by our continuous integration system.



The team I work with is made up of three people. We have a catch up first thing in the morning to discuss what we did the day before and how our current tasks are progressing. Then we have a stand-up meeting with the rest of Product Development (PD) where the team leads give an overview of what their teams are working on.



Once the morning meetings are finished, I will usually pick up what I was working on the day before. If it is a large piece of work or adding an important feature, we work in pairs. An important part of our development process is testing, so I spend a lot of time thinking of edge cases and writing automated tests.



Most days I eat lunch in one of the office’s chill out zones but there are also plenty of opportunities to go out for lunch with colleagues such as: New-Starter Lunch, Mid-Week Curry, the Kite (a local pub) on Friday or Chairman’s Lunch.



In the afternoon, I will generally continue working on what I was doing in the morning, or move onto the next piece of work in the sprint. Alternatively I am required to help our QA department diagnose a new bug, or explain reproduction steps for an issue they’re testing.

On Wednesday afternoons the entire department stops working on their product. This time is used to test new features in another teams’ product before it’s released; or learn a new framework, tool or language that will be of some use to CoreFiling.

Once a fortnight I also have a one-on-one with my line manager to discuss progress, the upcoming tasks and to address any concerns I might have.



One day a week, usually Tuesdays, my team have a meeting with our Product Manager who’s responsible for deciding the direction of the product and work. Most of my communication with them is through our issue tracking software so these meetings are a chance to fully explain any questions we have about the specification. Because we follow Agile methodologies, these meetings also allow us to plan the next sprint.



I normally finish around half five and cycle home along the river. On Fridays, there’s nearly always a contingent of people from across the whole company having a few drinks in the office (the “PD bar”) before going to the pub and then typically a meal somewhere in Oxford. My favourite thing about CoreFiling is the friendly people and the social atmosphere.

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