DecisionSoft tools provide enterprise support for XBRL 2.1


Seattle, 3rd November 2003.

XBRL Toolkit v1.0 brings developers full parsing and validation support for the newly-launched XBRL v2.1

DecisionSoft Limited, Europe’s leading XBRL components vendor, today announced the release of version 1.0 of the XBRL Toolkit. The XBRL Toolkit provides developers with the parsing and validation support they need to incorporate XBRL data into applications and data flows.

The XBRL Toolkit provides support for data conforming to the XBRL v2.0 and v2.1 specifications. The first release provides an extensible API to give developers access to XBRL documents through a standardised document object model. The XBRL Toolkit also provides full validation functionality, testing the conformance of taxonomies and data to the v2.0 or v2.1 XBRL specifications.

“This is the first developer tool available to the XBRL community to bring full support for the v2.1 specification. Applications vendors and systems integrators can now benefit from the kind of object models with which they are already familiar in the mainstream XML market”, said DecisionSoft Chairman Philip Allen.

The XBRL Toolkit simplifies access to information in XBRL business reports by inserting an API layer between the application and the raw XML documents which make up the report. The API’s extensible architecture allows additional processing modules to be included to extend the API to cover any application-specific tasks.

The XBRL Toolkit incorporates a full validator for XBRL taxonomy schemas, linkbases, instances and stylesheets. It validates taxonomies and extension taxonomies (linkbases and taxonomy schema documents), instances against taxonomy schema documents and linkbases, and validates the completeness of stylesheets used to render instances. The XBRL Toolkit Validator is available in GUI, command line and API versions.


About DecisionSoft

DecisionSoft is the UK’s foremost XML specialist, and has developed key XML and XBRL tools used by UK government departments in their online filing projects. DecisionSoft provides the technology and support behind the UK Inland Revenue’s XBRL-enabled online Corporation Tax project. DecisionSoft also maintains Pathan, the Open Source XPath and XPath2 interpreter for the Xerces-C project.

DecisionSoft is a privately held company based in Oxford, England.