DecisionSoft unveil first online XBRL 2.1 validator


Oxford, 4th February 2004.

DecisionSoft Limited today announced an online version of their XBRL Toolkit Validator. The service allows users to check their XBRL documents for conformance with the XBRL v2.1 Specification, approved in January.

The service provides a web-based interface to DecisionSoft’s XBRL Toolkit engine. Through a simple web interface users can submit instance documents, taxonomy schema documents and linkbases to be validated for all aspects of XBRL 2.1 compliance.

“The availability of rigorous validation tools is a key requirement for ensuring interoperability in any standard”, said DecisionSoft Chairman Philip Allen. “We have made our validator freely available in order to accelerate the development and adoption of XBRL v2.1 as an interoperable standard”.

DecisionSoft have been heavily involved in the development of the XBRL v2.1 Specification. The XBRL Toolkit Validator was one of the core reference implementations required for the approval of the specification, passing all 275 tests in the 2.1 Conformance Suite.

The XBRL Toolkit Validator is part of DecisionSoft’s suite of XBRL components, providing vendors and systems integrators with the building blocks required to quickly enable their applications for XBRL. The Validator is also available as a desktop application, and forms the core of DecisionSoft’s enterprise validation component.

The online validation service is no longer available as of 2012.


About DecisionSoft

DecisionSoft is the UK’s foremost XML specialist, and has developed key XML and XBRL tools used by UK government departments in their online filing projects. DecisionSoft provides the technology and support behind the UK Inland Revenue’s XBRL-enabled online Corporation Tax project. DecisionSoft also maintains Pathan, the Open Source XPath and XPath2 interpreter for the Xerces-C project.

DecisionSoft is a privately held company based in Oxford, England.