DecisionSoft announce the release of the True North Validator 2005, the Gold Standard for XBRL


Oxford, 23 March 2005.

DecisionSoft, the leader in digital business report validation and processing, is proud to announce the release of the True North Validator 2005, the gold standard for XBRL. True North 2005 simplifies the production of high quality XBRL documents.

With the implementation of the SEC’s voluntary filing program just days away, True North 2005 arrives at exactly the right time. To pre-validate XBRL documents that companies and EDGAR filing agents plan to submit to the SEC, True North 2005 provides the most comprehensive coverage of the XBRL standard. Running documents through True North 2005 allows users to determine where any problems lie before submitting them to regulators or professional advisers. It’s the professional pre-flight check.

Josef Macdonald, XBRL Practice Fellow at the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation, said today “True North has played an important and continuing part in the development of the IFRS-GP XBRL taxonomy. The ability to test draft taxonomies and instances against the XBRL Specification and the Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture (FRTA) recommendations gives us the confidence we need to publish our taxonomy to the financial community.”

Built with an uncompromising approach to engineering excellence, DecisionSoft’s XBRL products scale to the enterprise and are designed to process thousands of XBRL documents concurrently, as our clients’ needs expand.

With True North already installed at regulators on both sides of the Atlantic, True North 2005 adds support for the financial reporting taxonomy architecture best practice guidelines set out by the XBRL consortium (the “FRTA” requirements). These guidelines provide greatly improved interoperability for XBRL documents, which means that financial statements and performance reports published by companies can be easily and accurately consumed and analysed by investors, analysts, banks and regulators.

The True North Personal Validator 2005 is available for evaluation or licence. True North 2005 is also available in a Developer version (for integrated support of development environments) and an Enterprise version (for scalable document validation).

If you are looking for assistance in developing XBRL processes, or are getting ready for filing initiatives, please contact us. DecisionSoft and its sister company, CoreFiling, have XBRL specialists who can help you with XBRL; with services ranging from high quality training to troubleshooting, technical review and strategic advice.


About DecisionSoft

DecisionSoft Limited, founded in 1997, is one of Europe’s leading XML vendors, with a substantial history in the successful design, publication and validation of XML and XBRL. Its success is based on tools and services created with an uncompromising commitment to engineering excellence. Based in Oxford in the United Kingdom, DecisionSoft is a private company.


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CoreFiling Limited is a joint venture of DecisionSoft and Business Wire, the global leader in financial news distribution. CoreFiling offers XBRL consulting services, data validation and enhanced data management, providing expertise in XBRL and regulatory compliance to filers, regulators, exchanges and the financial community.