ReportDirect combines the simplicity and familiarity of PDF with the full power of XBRL.


Tokyo, 7th November 2005.

CoreFiling Limited today announced the ReportDirect platform for electronic data collection. ReportDirect makes the design, deployment and ongoing collection of sophisticated information a process that can largely be managed by business experts.

ReportDirect represents a new way of thinking about data collection. It returns control to the business users who set policy and analyse the information. It makes secure electronic data collection simple, reliable and easy to manage, while harnessing the power of XBRL to revolutionise the application of rules and analysis to business information. Data providers can enter data manually or can import the data directly into the familiar PDF document. Recipients can control who submits the data, when it should arrive, and what quality checks should be applied along the way.

Unique TagTips(r) provide users with a fully-rendered view of the underlying, structured, XBRL data. CoreFiling’s patent-pending data binding techniques ensures that what is displayed on the page is what is held in XBRL format within the PDF Intelligent Document.

This revolution in electronic data collection is the fruit of a development partnership between CoreFiling and Adobe Systems, Inc. ReportDirect leverages the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform to allow the creation of pre-populated forms for interactive data collection and the secure deployment of PDF forms.

Commenting on the release, CoreFiling Chief Executive John Turner said “The process of turning data requirements expressed by business experts into sophisticated electronic forms that allow user-friendly data collection has, in the past, been a source of enormous frustration. The ReportDirect platform represents a huge step forward in simplifying the definition, collection and on-going management of financial and performance reporting data. It’s suitable for banks and other financial services firms, as well as regulators, government agencies and large corporates.”


Key features

ReportDirect offers a turn-key, next generation solution that allows the design of forms, their distribution to nominated data providers and the receipt, validation and follow up of that data. Key features include:

  • Automated form construction from definitions in XBRL
  • Validation at the client before submission
  • Sophisticated scheduling and data requirements management.
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple integration into standard business intelligence tools.