Leading tools vendor announces SpiderMonkey XBRL taxonomy creation tool


Philadelphia, 4th December 2006.

CoreFiling today announced the world’s newest and most sophisticated interactive data development environment, SpiderMonkey. Hailed by initial testers as a major advance in the field, CoreFiling’s new XBRL development environment is the first taxonomy editor with integrated revision control, multi-user support and public review capabilities.

Developed to meet the needs of Wall Street experts, SpiderMonkey is currently undergoing Beta testing. An early tester of the tool, XBRL Specification Editor and well-respected taxonomy expert Dr Geoff Shuetrim, is delighted with the product. “A number of things set this tool apart: perhaps the most important is trust. I trust it to produce valid XBRL and I trust it to let me do anything that the specification allows. The SpiderMonkey user interface reflects a complete understanding of the XBRL specification, not some approximation to it.”

SpiderMonkey is built on True North, DecisionSoft’s rock-solid XBRL processor, providing a fully-integrated taxonomy editor incorporating powerful search capabilities, seamless creation of extension taxonomies, comprehensive undo/redo functionality and integrated, standards-compliant validation.

“We are confident that SpiderMonkey will become the platform of choice for XBRL editing,” said John Turner, CoreFiling’s Chief Executive Officer. “Its widespread use will encourage consistency and standards compliance, and accelerate the adoption of interactive data around the world.”

Potential users of SpiderMonkey are invited to register for priority access to the free, fully-featured, SpiderMonkey Personal Edition. For further information, see corefiling.com