XBRL training courses offered by CoreFiling, the leading interactive data consultancy


Oxford, 6th September 2007.

CoreFiling today announced the availability of a series of ‘hands-on’ training courses designed to demystify the technology and techniques required to create a successful XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) business reporting project.

Many organisations keen to embrace the new XBRL technology are now reaching the stage where they have grasped the basic concepts behind this emerging business standard. However, understanding the benefits is only the first step. Today, the principal issue is how to turn the theory behind XBRL into tangible results for the business.

In offering its XBRL courses, CoreFiling aims to provide delegates with an experience as close to reality as possible. Courses will take advantage of XBRL tools already in active use in some of the world’s leading XBRL projects, giving delegates an opportunity to learn, for example, how to build taxonomies and validate data against the XBRL 2.1 standard.

CoreFiling will be offering courses initially in Europe and Australasia. The first courses will take place in Amsterdam during October and will cover the following topics:


XBRL taxonomy development

This course is aimed at external reporting professionals, corporate accountants, auditors, regulators and analysts


XBRL for the XML aware

IT professionals from accounting software vendors, regulators, analyst and credit firms will benefit from this practical introduction to the future of financial disclosure


Further information about the schedules and course content may be found on the company’s website: http://www.corefiling.com/services/training/