CoreFiling announces a Swiss Army Knife for Interactive Data. True North XBRL API now available for developers


Washington, 14th October 2008.

The interactive data standard, XBRL, is being used right around the world for defining, producing, filing, publishing and analysing business performance information. It is a sophisticated framework that incorporates the definitions behind this information, in a computer readable format, together with the concrete facts that are reported in compliance with those definitions.

To assist developers who need access to this powerful information, CoreFiling is announcing the release of the True North Read API. The software is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the XBRL world – an application programming interface that lets developers, consultants and software firms use interactive data in a huge number of ways.

Typical uses include loading XBRL into databases and business intelligence systems; incorporating XBRL information into dynamic web sites or custom applications; and embedding XBRL into accounting and reporting software.

Based on True North, the powerhouse validator and processor behind some of the world’s most advanced XBRL implementations, the API benefits from the same rigorous software engineering processes. It is robust, stable and comes with a programmer’s guide, full documentation and example applications.

Welcoming the announcement, CoreFiling CEO John Turner commented that “The market has been demanding this kind of flexible, powerful and fully supported API for some time. I’m delighted that we can now provide it to our existing customers, including major government agencies, systems integrators and financial services firms. As always, we are also excited by the opportunity to help out an entirely new set of customers who are now focused on XBRL development.”