CoreFiling’s True North Professional XBRL SDK brings performance reporting standard to Developers


Paris, 25th June 2009.

CoreFiling, the XBRL software specialists, have greatly simplified the process of producing, validating and consuming XBRL documents with the release this week of the True North Professional XBRL SDK. The Software Developer Kit cuts months of work from the task of adding XBRL capabilities into a wide array of applications.

CoreFiling’s CEO, John Turner, said, “This is the first high-level SDK available to accounting and reporting software vendors. Beta testing results have been extremely encouraging, showing that this SDK cuts the high training and implementation times that have until now been associated with the complex XBRL family of specifications. The True North Professional XBRL SDK will dramatically cut the cost of filing compliance for SEC filers and others.”

The SDK development team was led by Development Manager Mark Goodhand, who is also the Chairman of the XBRL International Specification Working Group and led the team that built True North, CoreFiling’s Gold Standard XBRL processor. “We built on our experience of using True North, by distilling the operations that our developers use regularly into straightforward interfaces. Our driving concern was to shield developers from the syntactic complexities of this powerful language. Our team has worked very hard to make the XBRL mountain look more like a molehill. With the True North Professional XBRL SDK building, validating, consuming and transforming XBRL documents is now a straightforward, tractable, programming task.”

An Enterprise version, the True North Enterprise Processor, is also available, built for high volume processing. Released at the XBRL International Conference being held in Paris this week, the SDK is immediately available in Java form. A .NET version will be available later this year.


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