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Philip Allen, CoreFiling's Executive Chairman, appointed Chairman of XBRL UK

March 2012. It was recently announced that CoreFiling's Executive Chairman, Philip Allen, has agreed to take over as Chairman of the XBRL UK consultative committee, the local jurisdiction of XBRL International Inc. which promotes the usage of XBRL world-wide.

Philip takes over from Chris Rodgers, who has been chairman since the creation of the UK jurisdiction.

XBRL UK is responsible for the development of the UK taxonomies and plays a key role in liaising with both government and the corporate world to support the furtherance of the XBRL standard.

Philip will now act as the formal voting representative of XBRL UK within the XBRL world-wide community. If you are attending the forthcoming XBRL Conference in Abu Dhabi, on 20th-22nd March, you can meet him there.