Integrate and test your taxonomy


Developing a large XBRL taxonomy can be a daunting task with many challenges. At any given time, multiple users could be dealing simultaneously with vast numbers of interdependent files. Decimate® provides quality assurance and automated testing to overcome the difficulties of coordinating this complicated process.

Immediately identify taxonomy problems

With Decimate the taxonomy is packaged and tested automatically on a continuous basis to improve the development process. Problems are highlighted immediately, and there is always an up to date version of the taxonomy available. Every user can review exactly how the taxonomy will appear if released at that specific moment.

Conveniently share taxonomy changes

Decimate is fully integrated with CoreFiling’s taxonomy development platform SpiderMonkey®­ and taxonomy exploration and review product Yeti®. Taxonomy changes made in SpiderMonkey are processed by Decimate. They can then be shared automatically in Yeti® to speed up internal reviewing.

Always conform to XBRL standards

Decimate provides a framework to incorporate a series of tests, with full reporting back to the user. As the project evolves, the framework can be extended to incorporate additional data models and tests as required. To guarantee the taxonomy and accompanying documents always conform to relevant XBRL standards, the tool includes CoreFiling’s True North® validator.

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