Yeti Explore – online taxonomy review


Yeti® Explore – online taxonomy review

Yeti Explore provides powerful XBRL taxonomy exploration via a standard web browser.

It offers free access to a repository of published taxonomies, presenting them in a clear, easily understandable format.

Delve into the taxonomy

Powerful and efficient navigation tools allow even the most novice user to browse, search and explore taxonomy elements with ease, pinpointing concepts by name, label or reference. Handy for future reference purposes, bookmarks can be created for individual concepts and, if further discussion is needed, links can be emailed around a group of interested contributors to stimulate the dialogue.

Download taxonomy packages

Yeti Explore also makes available a number of Taxonomy packages, such as those required for Eurofiling (CRD IV and Solvency II), HMRC reporting, SEC filing, and additional packages published by Taxonomy Packages are a draft XII standard for packaging and distributing XBRL taxonomies.

Key benefits of Yeti Explore

  • Intuitive user interface – simple to use and consistent with that of our SpiderMonkey® taxonomy editor.
  • Powerful searching – concepts can be quickly located by label, name or reference.
  • Bookmark-friendly URLs – allow concepts to be saved for future reference or emailed as a basis for further discussion.
  • Tree locations view – enables fast retrieval of all references to a particular concept within a taxonomy.

Try Yeti Explore for yourself

Powered by Yeti Explore and accompanied by a helpful tutorial, the free access CoreFiling Taxonomy Library is a public repository for published taxonomies from around the world.

Understanding your chosen taxonomy, or discovering how other regulators have constructed their taxonomy, couldn’t be easier using Yeti.