Explore large datasets quickly and easily


Regulators, government agencies and auditors need to be able to explore large datasets quickly and easily, to identify trends, discrepancies and fraud indicators that require further investigation. Full Beam® rapidly analyses structured and unstructured information, facilitating intelligent searches across multiple sources and different forms of data.

Quickly explore regulatory data

Full Beam saves time by extracting key items from data searches for ‘at-a-glance’ exploration. This allows users to view fundamental data such as annual revenue. Full Beam also reveals trends in key concepts, showing changes between different reporting periods.

Rapidly target discrepancies

Full Beam provides a convenient mechanism to detect, display and easily visualise discrepancies in regulatory reports to determine if they warrant further investigation. For example, flagging if a value reported in one year is restated consistently the next year.

Collaboratively explore data

CoreFiling’s cloud-based platform promotes a collaborative approach to data analysis. All users can explore ‘information of interest’ through web browsers, working collaboratively to save time in identifying and analysing data anomalies. Decisions and comments can be shared with colleagues with the click of a button.

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