Magnify – The ideal tool for SEC filing

Magnify® – The ideal tool for SEC filing

In depth review of SEC documents

Magnify guides you through an extensive review of your XBRL documents to make sure they accurately reflect your data disclosures before filing. As well as checking calculations and validating the XBRL, it provides comprehensive data analysis, helpful document comparisons and powerful customised reporting.

The content of your SEC filing drafts can be browsed and compared, either in document order or side by side, highlighting where changes have occurred. Data can be compared over different periods and you can review your own data against the XBRL filings of your peer group.

Magnify lets you create powerful, customised reports that can be viewed either within Magnify or exported to a spreadsheet for further review. Once created, reports can be re-run for any selected filing.

SEC rendering made easy

A primary concern of SEC filers is to be able to see, prior to final submission, how their filings will appear on the SEC’s website. Up until now it has been possible to submit filings to the SEC’s website to generate a preview rendering, but many organisations are understandably reluctant to send their filings to external websites prior to finalisation.

Helping to overcome this concern, the SEC preview facility is available directly within Magnify. Filings can be reviewed to ensure that rendering of the XBRL is in alignment with the HTML version before being submitted via the EDGAR system. The Magnify preview tool allows users to review where labels differ, where underlines and borders appear in the wrong place, or where figures appear in the wrong tables, making it simpler to make the necessary changes.

Magnify’s preview facility is provided using an off-line version of the rendering engine provided by the SEC. This gives the security and convenience of using a desktop tool, whilst providing confidence that the rendering seen in Magnify will match that in the EDGAR system after final submission.

XBRL Consistency Suite

Magnify also supports the XBRL US Consistency Suite and incorporates the Consistency Checks as an integral part of its document review process, making it ideal for SEC filers concerned about the quality of their filings.

Download the Magnify for EDGAR filing product overview to understand how Magnify can help check your SEC filings.