Seahorse advantages


Seahorse® advantages

Whether you’re filing in iXBRL for the first time or converting your accounts once again using Seahorse, there are a host of facilities available to help make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Seahorse functionality Benefit
Supports both Word and Excel document conversion No change to the way you currently produce Word or Excel accounts
Unique predictive tagging against UK GAAP, Irish GAAP, IFRS or charities taxonomies. Now includes UK GAAP/UK IFRS with Detailed Profit and Loss. No specific knowledge of iXBRL required
Suggestion-based tagging approach for both individual concepts and text Takes half the time of manual ‘drag and drop’ systems; no need to trawl through the taxonomy to find the right tag
Learning engine stores tagging decisions Reuse of existing tags means faster tagging in subsequent years
Secure, web-hosted software service No software to install, run or maintain
Intuitive split screen view for quick cross-referencing between tags and taxonomy Easy access to the underlying taxonomy, if required
Provides full audit trail Inbuilt accountability and transparency
Offline review via an Excel spreadsheet containing full details of tagging choices, including free-text explanatory notes Optimised review and accelerated management sign-off
UK hosted service Data is never processed offshore, ensuring data protection compliance
Validation against rules for accounts specified by HMRC, Companies House and Revenue Ireland Guards against rejected, invalid filings
Streamlined tagging of multiple accounts within the same corporate group Re-use of common tags across accounts speeds up the process
Companies House filing option Saves time by allowing the converted iXBRL accounts to be filed immediately to Companies House
Developed by the inventors of iXBRL Deep understanding of XBRL technology