Enhance data quality and compliance


The world’s most heavily used XBRL business rules language

Specialist IT and programming skills are usually essential for managing data quality and compliance efficiently. Sphinx® is the adaptable solution, applied to different business and regulatory needs to easily identify data anomalies. It is an XBRL business rules language, ideal for auditors, regulators and analysts.


Rapidly identify data errors

Sphinx® provides a timesaving way to implement business rules across an enterprise. Quality rules stop errors at their source. Compliance rules allow anomalies to be flagged instantly. Information rules identify problems needing investigation.


Capture data inconsistencies at source

Sphinx® assists regulators to rapidly identify problems and capture data inconsistencies before they get into the system. Data rules can be personalised to meet the specific requirements of the regulator: for example, comparing reliable data comparison across dimensions.
Sphinx® rules are authored in CoreFiling’s optional SpiderMonkey® module and can also be used within Magnify® or incorporated into both True North® and the True North® data platform.


Prepare error-free and consistent documents

Remove the risk of filing clients’ documents that contain errors, omissions or inconsistent data. Accounting firms responsible for XBRL and iXBRL use Sphinx® to develop their own sets of rules to check the quality and consistency of documents.
CoreFiling works with leading firms and accountants in the UK, US and other territories, assisting them in using the combined power of Magnify® and Sphinx®.


Automatically identify data of interest

Capture company performance issues at an early stage to ensure efficient and reliable analysis. Convenient Sphinx® ‘screens’ help users to eradicate inconsistencies and identify information of interest automatically.

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