SpiderMonkey Enterprise – multi-User XBRL taxonomy


SpiderMonkey® Enterprise – multi-user XBRL taxonomy

Development of a large, complex XBRL taxonomy requiring contributions from multiple users can prove challenging. Unique in its provision of true concurrent multi-user capabilities, SpiderMonkey® Enterprise is the taxonomy editor of choice for enterprise taxonomy development projects.

Key benefits of SpiderMonkey Enterprise

  • Concurrent multi-user support – Multiple users can work on the same taxonomy simultaneously, with no need to lock the taxonomy prior to editing.
  • Multi-user conflict resolution – When many users are working concurrently on the same taxonomy, saving individual changes could potentially cause conflicts. Our continuous integration framework, Decimate® allows SpiderMonkey Enterprise to resolve all conflicts seamlessly.
  • Continuous integration and automated testing – Working in conjunction with SpiderMonkey, Decimate also provides quality assurance by performing automatic testing on each new version of the taxonomy as it is produced.
  • Revision control repository – All changes to a taxonomy are tracked, enabling review of, or reversal to earlier versions as required.
  • Reporting database – As all aspects of the taxonomy development history can be queried, information such as changes made by a particular user or concepts modified within a given timeframe is readily accessible.
  • Fully conformant taxonomies – SpiderMonkey is underpinned by True North®, widely regarded as the most reliable XBRL validation and processing engine on the market, offering confidence that your taxonomies will be fully conformant to the XBRL 2.1 specification.

Who uses SpiderMonkey Enterprise?

Widely used by XBRL jurisdictions, government agencies and investment banks, SpiderMonkey Enterprise underpins the success of some of the world’s largest and most significant taxonomy projects.

Taxonomy development collaboration

Where taxonomy development involves multiple users who are not all sited at the same location, you may also be interested in our integrated collaboration and development tool, Yeti®.