True North® XBRL Processor

The True North® XBRL Processor is aimed at software developers who need an effective validation and processing tool for low volume XBRL filing systems, a method of producing XBRL data as part of an existing application, or a means of consuming XBRL data within an existing analysis system.

It is used to validate incoming XBRL instance documents and extension taxonomies to ensure full conformity and compatibility of XBRL filings. The True North® Processor provides an easy to use API allowing developers to retrieve the data required.

It offers a simple Java API and a pre-built command line interface.

Key benefits of the True North® XBRL Processor

  • Create XBRL data from within your software
  • Work with an easy to use Java API
  • Validate instance documents to ensure XBRL compliance
  • Validate dimensions to support the viewing of business data from different aspects
  • Simplify your XBRL transactions
  • Transform XBRL into other formats
  • Load XBRL into Business Intelligence database systems
  • Incorporate XBRL data and metadata into dynamic websites
  • Produce XBRL from accounting and reporting software
  • Undertake XBRL mapping and writing into documents
  • Display aspects of taxonomies in your own applications
  • Retrieve XBRL data from source, precisely when you need it
  • Perform full Discoverable Taxonomy Set (DTS) discovery to ensure complete taxonomy compliance
  • Check document consistency, e.g. to ensure validity of calculations
  • Remap URLs to enable offline testing of published taxonomies

A number of useful add-ons and optional modules are available, including:

Validation modules

  • Edgar Filer Manual – Check filings for regulatory compliance against the published rules
  • Quality Checks – Perform additional quality checks on the US GAAP taxonomy
  • European Filing Rules Validation Module – Verify compliance with structural rules specified by European regulators such as the EBA and EIOPA

Specialist processors

  • Versioning processor – Provides a way for taxonomy authors to document the changes between taxonomy versions
  • Table Linkbase processor – Full support for the recommended Table Linkbase specification, vital for filing under CRD IV and Solvency II
  • True North® iXBRL Processor – Provides a powerful, enterprise-strength tool that validates inline XBRL documents and allows extraction of the underlying XBRL for further processing

XBRL validation and processing add-ons


High frequency validation

If you require high frequency XBRL validation, you may be interested in our True North® Enterprise XBRL Processor.

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