Efficiently validate XBRL documents

True North® Web Services Processor


The True North® Web Services Processor provides high volume XBRL and iXBRL validation and processing through a REST interface that can be fully integrated with all platforms.

It is built upon the renowned True North® Enterprise Processor, guaranteeing XBRL accuracy and high performance.

Key benefits of the True North Web Services Processor

  • Taxonomy caching – Once the taxonomy is loaded, every subsequent filing is validated against the cached taxonomy.
  • Available as a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) or stand-alone application for user convenience.
  • When deployed in the cloud the processors run on CoreFiling’s own secure servers, removing the need to install, configure and maintain your own XBRL processor.
  • Configurable security policies to ensure full access control

It can also be used in conjunction with other True North® modules and add-ons, including: Sphinx® and XII Formula, the Table Linkbase Processor, and the European Filing Rules Validation Module.

Additionally, the scope of the True North® Web Services Processor can be enhanced using specific True North® Connectors.

  • Our special connectors allow the creation, processing and validation of XBRL in an online context.
  • The True North® Forms Connector for Excel produces Excel templates based on the appropriate taxonomy
  • The True North® Connectors for CSV and SQL facilitate transformation between XBRL and other commonly used formats.

In situations where conformance to the Inline XBRL rendering specification is a key requirement, the True North® iXBRL Processor can provide the vital validation.

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