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True North

True North® fact sheet

What is True North?

True North is CoreFiling’s robust, technically advanced XBRL validator and processor. The True North API offers developers a rich XBRL object model of the data. True North is widely acclaimed for the depth and accuracy of its implementation of the XBRL 2.1 specification. Whether you are exchanging XBRL data, creating a new taxonomy or receiving instance documents, True North will enable you to verify full conformance to the XBRL 2.1 specification. Many ground-breaking XBRL projects around the world depend on True North for accurate processing and validation of key interactive data.

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What are the key aspects of True North?

  • Full XBRL compliance – you can be confident that your taxonomies and extensions will be fully compliant with the XBRL 2.1 specification, and that your instance documents both conform to their taxonomies and comply with XBRL specifications.
  • Inline XBRL conformance – if you are reporting your financials and performance figures in iXBRL, there is now a dedicated module, the True North iXBRL Processor, to assist your compliance with the Inline XBRL specification.
  • Highlighting of discrepancies – whether you are a regulator receiving XBRL submissions, or a preparer needing to verify your interactive data disclosures, you will want to know that your reports are fully conformant. True North alerts you to any XBRL compliance errors, referencing the relevant section of the specification, so that you can investigate further and take the necessary corrective action.
  • Simplified XBRL interaction – from a development perspective, True North provides a straightforward approach to handling XBRL information within your applications and business processes. With its comprehensive read/write API, True North gives you the flexibility to benefit from XBRL functionality without beng impeded by the complexities of the specification.

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Are there different versions of True North?

True North is available in several versions to suit a range of needs:

  • True North XBRL Processor – provides validation and processing for low volume XBRL filing systems, produces XBRL data as part of an existing application and offers a way of consuming XBRL data within an existing analysis system.
  • True North Enterprise XBRL Processor – fully adapted to the needs of the largest organisation, the True North Enterprise Processor is designed to cope not only with fixed taxonomies that rarely change, but also with open reporting frameworks which invite extension taxonomies from each individual preparer, for example those allowed within the SEC’s filing program.
  • True North Web Services Processor – provides XBRL and iXBRL validation and processing through a web services interface, enabling easy integration with all platforms.

In addtion, the True North family contains a number of optional modules and add-ons:

Validation modules

  • Edgar Filer Manual – Check filings for regulatory compliance against the published rules
  • Quality Checks – Perform additional quality checks on the US GAAP taxonomy
  • European Filing Rules Validation Module – Verify compliance with structural rules specified by European regulators such as the EBA and EIOPA

Specialist processors

  • Versioning processor – Provides a way for taxonomy authors to document the changes between taxonomy versions
  • Table Linkbase processor – Full support for the recommended Table Linkbase specification, vital for filing under CRD IV and Solvency II
  • True North iXBRL Processor – Provides a powerful, enterprise-strength tool that validates inline XBRL documents and allows extraction of the underlying XBRL for further processing

True North Connectors

  • Our special connectors allow the creation, processing and validation of XBRL in an online context
  • The True North Forms Connector for Excel produces Excel templates based on the appropriate taxonomy
  • The True North Connectors for CSV and SQL facilitate transformation between XBRL and other commonly used formats

XBRL validation and processing add-ons

  • Sphinx validation – Sphinx is a rules creation language that can be used to define compliance rules that allow anomalies to be flagged instantly
  • XII Formula validation – this module allows usage of the XII Formula language

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How do the versions differ?

TN XBRL Processor TN Enterprise XBRL Processor TN Web Services Processor
Detailed error messages, including specification references * * *
Calculation consistency checking * * *
URL remapping for off-line testing of published taxonomies * * *
DTS discovery * * *
XBRL dimensions validation * * *
Taxonomy validation * * *
Extension taxonomy validation * * *
Instance document validation * * *
Command line operation * *
XBRL creation API * *
XBRL instance read API * *
XBRL taxonomy API * *
Customisable, multi-language messages * * *
Configurable security policies * * *
Web service deployment option *
Base taxonomy caching *
Optional Features
Sphinx Validation * * *
XII Formula Validation * * *
iXBRL Validation and Processing * * *
True North Connectors *

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How do I contact technical support?

Technical support is available to all True North customers with a valid maintenance agreement. If you are a True North customer in need of assistance, please contact our support team, providing full details of your issue.

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