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True North

True North® Professional XBRL Validator

The True North® Professional XBRL Validator provides automated XBRL validation via both a simple Java API and a pre-built command line interface.

Key benefits of the True North Professional XBRL Validator

  • Instance document validation - for ensuring XBRL compliance.
  • Extension taxonomy validation - to support the addition of business concepts created outside the main taxonomy.
  • Dimensions validation - to support the viewing of business data from different aspects.
  • DTS discovery - a Discoverable Taxonomy Set is a collection of taxonomies supporting an instance document.
  • Consistency checking - to ensure validity of calculations.
  • URL remapping - to enable offline testing of published taxonomies.

High frequency validation

If you require high frequency XBRL validation, you may be interested in our True North Enterprise XBRL Processor