True North


True North® Web Services Processor

The True North Web Services Processor provides high volume XBRL and iXBRL validation and processing through a REST interface that can be fully integrated with all platforms.

It is built upon the renowned True North Enterprise Processor, guaranteeing XBRL accuracy and high performance.


Key benefits of the True North Web Services Processor

  • Taxonomy caching – Once the taxonomy is loaded, every subsequent filing is validated against the cached taxonomy.
  • Available as a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) or stand-alone application for user convenience.
  • When deployed in the cloud the processors run on CoreFiling’s own secure servers, removing the need to install, configure and maintain your own XBRL processor.
  • Configurable security policies to ensure full access control

It can also be used in conjunction with other True North modules and add-ons, including: Sphinx and XII Formula, the Table Linkbase Processor, and the European Filing Rules Validation Module.

Additionally, the scope of the True North Web Services Processor can be enhanced using specific True North Connectors.

  • Our special connectors allow the creation, processing and validation of XBRL in an online context.
  • The True North Forms Connector for Excel produces Excel templates based on the appropriate taxonomy
  • The True North Connectors for CSV and SQL facilitate transformation between XBRL and other commonly used formats.

In situations where conformance to the Inline XBRL rendering specification is a key requirement, the True North iXBRL Processor can provide the vital validation.