XBRL validation modules and specialist processors

True North® offers a number of additional modules to extend the XBRL validation and processing capabilities of the standard product versions.


Validation modules

Bespoke modules designed to handle specific validation tasks.


True North European Filing Rules Validation Module

The True North European Filing Rules Validation module helps filers to ensure that they comply with any structural rules specified by the European banking and insurance regulators and which are not covered by the underlying taxonomies.

Now that reporting obligations under CRD IV and Solvency II Pillar 3 need to be met using XBRL, validation against the rules is critical to prevent filings being rejected at the regulatory gateway. Business rules relating to the reported facts are handled separately by the True North XII Formula Module validation module.


EDGAR Filer Manual Module

This module provides support for SEC filers in projects where filing in accordance with the EDGAR Filer Manual is a requirement. The EDGAR Filer Manual processor helps you check filings for regulatory compliance against the published rules. Further information on the EDGAR Filer Manual can be found here.


True North Quality Checks Validation Module

This module performs additional quality checks on a taxonomy beyond those defined in FRTA (Financial Reporting Taxonomies Architecture). This applies primarily to US filings under the SEC mandate and consists of a number of general XBRL industry quality guidelines, for example the use of appropriate decimals. 

Specialist processors

Advanced technologies for efficient data processing


True North Table Linkbase Processor

In March 2014 CoreFiling’s True North Table Linkbase Processor became the first Reference Implementation for the Table Linkbase 1.0 specification.


The approval of the Table Linkbase specification marked a significant milestone, promoting market consistency in closed form reporting using XBRL. The Table Linkbase underpins the recent breed of DPM-style taxonomies, and the specification provides a single authoritative definition of their tables. The Table Linkbase is a fundamental part of the CRD IV and Solvency II taxonomies, and a reliable implementation is vital for accurate reproduction of the table structure as designed by the regulator.


True North iXBRL Processor

By incorporating XBRL into HTML documents, inline XBRL (iXBRL) allows filers to control the formatting and presentation of business reports. However, iXBRL submissions must also conform to the regulatory iXBRL rendering specification, and it is here that the True North iXBRL Processor can help.


  • Stringent validation of iXBRL submissions highlights any discrepancies, enabling timely corrections to be made.
  • Extraction of the underlying XBRL from iXBRL report documents, for input into other business systems. The XBRL can, if needed, be further validated by the True North XBRL Processor or the True North Enterprise XBRL Processor, to ensure conformance to the XBRL 2.1 specification.
  • CoreFiling is a true pioneer of the iXBRL initiative. We introduced iXBRL to the XBRL International Rendering Working Group and have been fully involved in the development and testing of the iXBRL specification, supporting it through XBRL International’s standards process. As the first company to develop a fully compliant iXBRL processor, we continue to champion the standard within the wider XBRL community and are the first port of call for anyone wanting to take advantage of iXBRL.

True North Connectors


Available only with the True North Web Services Processor, our special connectors support the creation, processing and validation of XBRL in an online context. The True North Forms Connector for Excel generates Excel templates based on the appropriate underlying taxonomy. The True North Connector for CSV and the True North Connector for SQL allow transformation between XBRL and a number of commonly used formats.


 True North Forms Connector (for Excel)

The True North Forms Connector enables Excel-based data entry and rendering of XBRL instance documents in Excel. The Excel templates are generated according to the chosen taxonomy. Report preparers are able to work with the familiar Excel format and a flexible tool offering peace of mind that the generated XBRL is correct. Financial institutions reporting under CRD IV and Solvency II Pillar 3 will find the Forms Connector particularly useful, and it also underpins our Seahorse solution for the conversion of Excel forms into validated XBRL documents.



True North CSV Connector

The True North CSV Connector helps financial institutions that need to report large amounts of data in compliance with the CRD IV and Solvency II Pillar 3 mandates. It takes advantage of the CSV file format to extract reporting data residing in BI systems and data warehouses and converts it into XBRL disclosures ready for submission to the regulatory authorities, saving time, effort and conversion cost. It also underpins our Seahorse product, helping to streamline the extraction of large amounts of data from internal data stores before conversion to valid XBRL.



True North SQL Connector

The True North SQL Connector helps regulators that collect XBRL filings to translate from XBRL to a relational database. A small regulatory organisation may wish to manage the XBRL data directly within their RDBMS, whereas larger regulators may wish to use the RDBMS as a preliminary stage before using ETL tools to load the XBRL data into a data warehouse where enterprise BI tools can perform additional analysis.


XBRL validation and processing add-ons


Versatile software add-ons to aid your validation process.



Sphinx® is a rules creation language that can be used to define compliance rules that allow anomalies to be flagged instantly.


True North XII Formula Module

XII Formula validation allows enterprise quality processing and validation of Formula linkbases.

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