Efficiently develop taxonomies


Taxonomy development is a complex process. It must combine domain expertise with technical ability. Collaboration is difficult when experts are based in different offices and locations. Slow decision-making and duplication hinder taxonomy design and increases costs.

Yeti® is a convenient taxonomy viewer with a built-in collaborative discussion forum and an issue-tracking system. It is a reliable, well-proven way of maintaining tight control over the taxonomy development process; eliminating duplications and promoting accuracy.

Coordinate decision making

The collaboration capabilities of Yeti allows coordinated decision making between domain experts around the globe. Chosen groups of technical and business experts work together to efficiently design the taxonomy. The draft taxonomy can be shared online in Yeti® allowing feedback from members of the public.

Seamlessly review discussions

Yeti forms an integral part of CoreFiling’s Taxonomy Management System. It can be used in conjunction with SpiderMonkey® to increase transparency and enhance the quality of work. Yeti® allows for a designated moderator or taxonomy developer to review the most recent comments and discussions, influencing the final decision about how to treat the problem in the next taxonomy revision.

Yeti® Explore

Save time exploring and reviewing taxonomies

Yeti® Explore’s powerful view and search capabilities saves time exploring and reviewing taxonomies. Understand a chosen taxonomy, investigate how others have constructed their taxonomy and quickly locate concepts. The tool allows users to create bookmarks and to share email links for discussions with other interested parties. To view CoreFiling’s free online deployment of Yeti® Explore, which hosts a number of taxonomies from around the world, visit Bigfoot.

Yeti® Collaborate

Ensure transparency and accountability

Collaborate extends Yeti’s review capability. It provides an environment where registered users participate in online discussions to develop the taxonomy. As an integrated platform, it is a ‘one-stop-shop’ when it comes to collaborating, assigning and prioritising taxonomy related projects. Yeti allows visible discussion threads and email notifications. This ensures transparency and accountability until issues are resolved.

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