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Yeti® - review XBRL taxonomies

Used primarily by organisations undertaking taxonomy development projects, Yeti® provides taxonomy exploration and review capabilities via an intuitive, browser-based interface. It is partly a taxonomy viewer, partly a collaborative discussion forum, and partly an issue-tracking system.

Yeti provides a unique environment for taxonomy publication and collaborative taxonomy development.

There are two different ways of working with Yeti, depending on your requirements:

Yeti Explore

Yeti Explore provides powerful search and exploration of XBRL taxonomies. You can use it to understand a chosen taxonomy, or investigate how others have constructed their taxonomy. Quickly locate concepts by name, label or reference and, once found, create bookmarks or provide email links to begin a discussion with other interested parties.

CoreFiling offer a free library of publicly available taxonomies, containing dozens of important taxonomies from around the world. To see Yeti Explore in action visit the CoreFiling Taxonomy Library.

Yeti Explore also offers the opportunity to download Taxonomy Packages, i.e. published taxonomies already pre-packaged for seamless integration with CoreFiling solutions (and others). Included are the published versions of the EBA's CRD IV taxonomy for the banking sector and EIOPA's Solvency II taxonomy for the insurance industry.

Yeti Collaborate

Yeti Collaborate helps your taxonomy development effort by promoting user review and feedback throughout the development lifecycle. Prioritisation and assignment, alongside visible discussion threads and email notifications, ensure transparency and accountability of issues until their successful resolution.

Deployment options

Yeti can either be hosted for you by CoreFiling as a dedicated internet service, or can be deployed on your own corporate servers for access via your intranet.

Yeti is the ideal companion to SpiderMonkey®, CoreFiling's XBRL taxonomy development tool.