Yeti Collaborate – online taxonomy discussion


Yeti® Collaborate – online taxonomy discussion

Yeti® Collaborate extends Yeti’s XBRL taxonomy review capabilities, providing a structured online discussion environment, where comments relating to taxonomy elements can be recorded, prioritised, assigned and tracked.

Improving XBRL taxonomy development

Yeti forms an integral part of our Taxonomy Management System. When used in conjunction with SpiderMonkey®, Yeti delivers up to the minute discussion threads straight to the taxonomy developers within a particular review group, encouraging immediate informed comment. Discussions on particular issues can be tracked, and Yeti allows for a designated moderator to review the comments and take the final decision about how to treat the problem in the next taxonomy revision.

Transparency is the key and greatly enhances the quality of the resulting work.

Key benefits of Yeti Collaborate

  • User comment submission – Errors or discrepancies can easily be highlighted, annotated and distributed to selected users for review and action.
  • Email notification – Users can choose to be notified of new issues relating to specific taxonomies. They can then join the discussion by simply clicking the Yeti Collaborate link and posting a comment.
  • Segmented, private taxonomy review – You retain complete control over how your taxonomy is viewed. Everything, from access rights to comment regulation, is configurable, enabling you to design the framework that best supports your organisation.
  • Central taxonomy knowledge base – Data resulting from discussion threads can be used to populate an information repository for reporting purposes.

Yeti has been deployed in many XBRL taxonomy projects around the world. It is a reliable, well proven way of maintaining tight control over the taxonomy development process, avoiding duplication and promoting accuracy.