Yeti fact sheet/FAQ

Yeti® fact sheet

What is Yeti?

Yeti is CoreFiling’s flexible taxonomy review and collaboration tool. On one level Yeti serves as a taxonomy viewer with powerful search capabilities. On another level it provides a collaborative discussion forum to facilitate taxonomy development in environments where contributing business experts may be geographically dispersed. Once development is complete, Yeti can be used to publish your taxonomy, which can then be made available to additional, third party reviewers, if required.

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What are the key aspects of Yeti?

  • No software to install – Yeti is provided as a hosted service, accessed via an easy to use, intuitive web browser interface.
  • Configurable access control – you retain complete control at all times over which users can access and comment on your taxonomies.
  • Powerful searching – concepts can be quickly located by label, name or reference, with all occurrences of a particular concept within a taxonomy easily retrievable.
  • Bookmarking – taxonomy concepts can be bookmarked and emailed to others or saved for later reference.
  • Knowledge capture – discussion threads maintain a history of all comments submitted, so the reasons behind any changes can be easily followed.
  • Transparency of information – with all information readily available to the business experts concerned, agreement on concept definitions can be reached quickly and efficiently.

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Since Yeti isn’t a client-side application, how does it work?

Yeti is offered primarily as a hosted service, providing you with your own secure environment where you can upload taxonomies for review or publication. Registered users can submit comments on specific aspects of your taxonomy; other members of the same review group are then automatically notified via email and encouraged to contribute to the discussion until agreement is reached.

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Can Yeti be deployed in-house on my servers?

Yes. Yeti can be deployed on your own company servers, where it can be used either for external publication of taxonomies, or for internal hosting and review via your intranet.

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How many versions of Yeti are there?

There are two versions of Yeti:

  • Yeti Explore, with its powerful view and search capabilities, allows you to fully explore and review taxonomies.
  • Yeti Collaborate extends Yeti’s review capability, providing an environment where registered users can participate in online discussions to support and facilitate the taxonomy development process.

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How do the versions differ?

Yeti Collaborate Yeti Explore
Support for all XBRL 2.1 compliant taxonomies * *
Unique “tree locations” view * *
Fast, powerful search on labels, references and concept names * *
Intuitive, consistent user interface * *
Calculation view, showing calculation relationships in a familiar format * *
Taxonomy publication for both public and private review * *
Available as a hosted service, or for deployment on your own server * *
User submission of taxonomy comments *
Optional email notification of new comments *
Support for delegation of project and review group management *
Support for segmented, private taxonomy review *

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Where can I see Yeti in action?

Yeti Explore is the engine behind the CoreFiling Taxonomy Library, where you can freely browse published taxonomies from around the world.

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Is Yeti the successor to TRAX?

Yes. Yeti replaces TRAX, and builds on our extensive experience of providing our customers with superior online search and collaboration capabilities. If you liked TRAX then you’ll love Yeti!

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How do I contact technical support?

Technical support is available to all customers with a valid maintenance agreement. If you are a Yeti customer in need of assistance, please email our support team, providing full details of your issue.

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