Taxonomy Development

Training – Introduction to XBRL Taxonomy Development

If you need an introduction to the main building blocks of interactive data – XBRL taxonomies – this course is for you. Company Accountants, Auditors, Analysts, Regulators and financial reporting professionals are being bombarded with announcements about the way that Interactive Data will shortly become an important (or in some places, compulsory) new part of their working lives. But what does that mean in practice? This practical, two day course brings you up to speed with knowledge, tools and techniques from some of the best in the business.

The course is for those that need to prepare, review or use financial statements in XBRL format, as well as those responsible for the creation of XBRL versions of reports and forms that will be used by others. No prior knowledge is assumed. You will learn:

  • The basic principles of XBRL disclosure
  • The role of taxonomies and the way they fit together
  • The components of a taxonomy and the way to create them
  • How to extend official taxonomies to meet your disclosure and investor relations needs

You will work through increasingly sophisticated hands-on exercises. You will leave the course with a thorough grounding in all of the basic principles of XBRL.

The program

  • Understanding the components of XBRL reporting
  • What is a taxonomy?
  • How taxonomies fit together
  • Simple taxonomy concepts
  • Design considerations
  • Modelling financial disclosures using simple taxonomy concepts
  • More advanced concepts
  • Using taxonomies efficiently
  • Mapping concepts to taxonomies
  • Modelling narratives, notes and more advanced financial disclosures
  • Extending existing taxonomies
  • Validating taxonomies
  • Testing and reviewing taxonomies
  • Publishing taxonomies
  • Review and recap

Who will benefit from this course?

External reporting professionals, corporate accountants, auditors, regulators and analysts will all benefit from this extremely practical introduction to the future of financial disclosure.