Generate error-free regulatory and risk reports


The True North® data platform helps filers overcome the technical challenges of generating complex reports by making use of machine learning.

Accurate reports that meet strict regulatory requirements can also be used internally to improve business decision making.

Review business information with unprecedented accuracy

True North® provides convenient viewing of draft regulatory submissions to check data and assist filers with validation and filing rule errors. Users explore draft submissions through a web browser to ensure that the most up to date data and commentary are accessible for reviewing throughout the organisation.

Prepare error-free business reports

True North helps filers prepare accurate and consistent data, ready to submit to the regulator. It allows viewing inside regulatory templates, providing a range of validation support rules including formula business rules, filing manual rules and custom rules.

Seamlessly overcome complexities of XBRL

To overcome the complexities of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), True North generates familiar Microsoft® Excel templates, corresponding precisely to the official standards-based definitions provided by the regulator. They are seamlessly converted into the XBRL format required by the regulator once they have been populated and uploaded. True North® provides several easy mechanisms and APIs to convert data into XBRL for easy analysis and regulatory review.

Efficiently manage taxonomy updates

The True North data platform is kept up to date with new reporting requirements meaning users don’t have to worry about software updates or reconfiguration. Older taxonomy versions can still be accessed for resubmissions.

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