Automate data collection and financial supervision


Regulators face considerable pressure to strengthen financial supervision by collecting and preparing data that is complete and consistent. They must meet ever-changing legislative requirements and respond rapidly to risk, often constrained by limited resources and unstructured data.

True North® is a fully XBRL-certified data platform that enables regulators to build data models and taxonomies. It automates financial oversight and risk-based supervision for the convenient collection and pre-validation of quality data.

Define and manage data collection

Regulators are required to collect and validate data across diverse markets, identifying risks and responding to them quickly. The True North data platform is a flexible solution to meet the specific needs of the financial supervisor. Data is defined in a convenient format chosen by the regulator, placing responsibility on the filer to easily submit correct information that is automatically checked. This process frees up supervisory staff to focus on financial risk management.

Effectively explore large datasets

To identify reporting issues, such as fraud, requires exploration of data across time, and across analytic themes. True North’s data exploration app, Full Beam, analyses unstructured information in different languages and in various formats. The app applies machine learning to tag data, facilitating intelligent searches across multiple sources and different forms of data.

Rapidly target inconsistencies in regulatory reports

To resolve filing issues and to aid investigations, regulators need to rapidly review regulatory reports. True North’s review app, Beacon, provides a mechanism to automatically detect and display inconsistencies, saving time by removing manual processes.

Work collaboratively to analyse data

Cloud architecture promotes a collaborative approach to data analysis. All users can explore ‘information-of-interest’ through web browsers, working together to save time in identifying and analysing data anomalies. Decisions and comments can be shared with colleagues with the click of a button.

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