About Us

Our Vision

Regulatory compliance is one of the fastest-growing challenges for enterprises, banks, insurance companies, regulators, investors, accountants, and analysts.  We believe that regulatory and business reporting should be fast, easy, inexpensive and error-free. This will be achieved by empowering organisations with automated reporting, through machine learning and smart data modelling.

About CoreFiling

CoreFiling is a software and services company with global reach. We help financial institutions, enterprises, and regulators to seamlessly meet the challenges of regulatory and business reporting, data modelling, and unlocking the value of regulatory data.

CoreFiling is trusted by the world’s regulators including national competent authorities, filers, and enterprises. Customers include three of the top five high street banks, all the “Big Four” accounting firms and more than 200 organisations in 26 countries including Companies House, Prudential, Fortis, Barclays, KPMG, PWC, and Deloitte.

CoreFiling software has been used to process 11m corporate tax filings and 8m corporate statutory accounts filings in the UK since 2011. This involved the validation and further processing of 30m Inline XBRL documents in total. Most of the world’s heavily used taxonomies were developed using CoreFiling tools.

True North® data platform

Review, validate and analyse regulatory and business reports, quickly and with zero errors using the True North® data platform. It conveniently delivers automation, machine learning, and data model management.

Third parties are empowered to create their own applications that integrate directly with True North’s® robust capabilities. Open-source code samples are available to rapidly start the development process.

The True North® data platform includes what is considered by regulators to be the most reliable XBRL validation and processing engine on the market.

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