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About Us

Our vision

Regulatory compliance is one of the fastest-growing challenges facing the corporate world today. At CoreFiling, we believe that CFOs deserve accurate and timely financial information. We believe that creating, reviewing and managing regulatory information should be straightforward and quick. We believe that CFOs and their professional advisers should be able to meet their compliance obligations without complicated validation and assurance processes.

CoreFiling has been providing straightforward solutions for online filing for over ten years. Known for its high quality modelling, data validation and development services, CoreFiling also provides XBRL consulting and enhanced data management to filers, regulators, exchanges and the financial community.

CoreFiling's True North suite provides enterprise-strength XBRL processing. The flagship True North validator is used by leading regulators around the world. Boasting world-leading XBRL developers, CoreFiling products are regarded by many as the "gold standard" in this field.

About the company

The CoreFiling Group is privately-held, with a substantial history in the successful design, publication and validation of XML and XBRL. Our success is based on tools and services created with an uncompromising commitment to engineering excellence.

The company is an active member of the XBRL jurisdictions and working groups which promote the adoption of the standard and oversee its development.

The company has pioneered a number of innovations both as a result of our work with clients and stemming from our research and development activities.

CoreFiling traded under the DecisionSoft name prior to 2005.