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As a company we strive to deliver efficiency around data and help business users to work closely and intuitively with increasingly technical data and reports.

Our goal is to make data efficient to move, easy to use and owned by the business. We believe the best way to achieve this is through automated reporting, machine learning and smart data modelling. Making the best use of global standards, such as XBRL, enables us to do this consistently for all kinds of business data.

About CoreFiling

CoreFiling is a software and services company with global reach, the company was founded in 1997 and is based in Oxford, UK.

Initially, we became experts in (the then new) XML technology and developed the basis of the data management and automation techniques we use today. In the early 2000’s we moved on to building expertise in XBRL to support transformational data collection programmes in the US, UK, EMEA and APAC regions. We continue to work with both technologies, building business applications and providing related professional services on top of our strong technological base.

Our customers represent a wide range of financial services, enterprise and government organisations, all sharing a common need to move complex business data. We like to partner with other software vendors and services companies to provide our software within broader shared offerings or as OEM technology providers.

CoreFiling’s flagship software is the True North data platform (TNDP). The TNDP is a suite of applications and APIs that directly address the challenges of defining and moving data efficiently through sometimes very complex data ecosystems.

Our edge comes from a broad and deep expertise in data modelling and data quality. CoreFiling taxonomies, data models and gold standard processors are explicitly trusted by the world’s regulators and enterprises. Our expertise is constantly built upon through a focus on standards across the company and broad participation in standards and expert working groups.

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