Open source tools

CoreFiling has been contributing to open source projects for over two decades. Here are some of our projects.


XML tools

In the past CoreFiling has developed tools designed to assist users working with XML. We’ve made these available for use as web services, with some available for download, in order to assist other XML users.

  • XML Pretty Printer – An application to take XML without mixed content and ‘pretty-print’ it.
  • XML Differences – An application that produces an easy to read representation of the difference between two XML documents using diff and the XML Pretty Printer.



We used to provide Pathan, an open source library which allows developers using Xerces-C to parse and evaluate XPath expressions for XML node selection. The Pathan project is no longer active and has since been replaced by XQilla.

XQilla is a command-line utility and an XQuery and XPath 2 library available under the Apache 2.0 License



Our developers also maintain an active development presence on GitHub with a number of our internal applications hosted on it. In particular:

  • Reviki – An Apache 2.0 licensed wiki that uses Subversion as a data store.
  • A number of custom plugins for Atlassian JIRA 5.



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