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Increased focus on ESG issues and sustainability brings new digital data standards and reporting. CoreFiling are actively involved in the development of new standards and helping our partners support the new data and reports.

CRD IV and Solvency II

Continued changes to major European regulatory frameworks bring an increased focus on being able to explain regulatory figures. CoreFiling are building reporting solutions that make changes and traceability normal business operations.

Digital standards and data collection

Legislation and rules with mandatory disclosure requirements need to be digital to ensure an efficient and high-quality flow of data. CoreFiling are developing computer readable taxonomies as an integral part of new digital data standards.


The way companies produce public annual financial reports has changed to require digital reporting of financial and non-financial disclosures. CoreFiling invented the format used and are using this knowledge to make glossy AFRs easier to create and consume.

Open data in US Government

State and Federal Government are identifying opportunities to improve transparency and efficiency through digitalisation of data. CoreFiling are taking on projects to deliver software for digital data standards and are proactively participating in the XBRL US Government Reporting Working Group.

One platform, multiple solutions for digital data – digital standards, reporting, audit, collection and processing.

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External reporting

Create XBRL, iXBRL and XML documents for external reporting.

Solutions to consolidate, transform, tag, validate and review to create external reports ready for submission.

Data generation

Digital data collection

Set up or maintain your digital reporting programme.

Solutions to define digital data standards and to collect and process digital data from diverse filer communities.

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Digital assurance

Underpin your digital disclosure assurance and audit services.

Solutions to validate, view and review digital business reports to ensure technical and business compliance.



Integrate XBRL, iXBRL and XML functionality into your platform.

Solutions to quickly support key reporting technologies and data standards using APIs and white labelled applications.

Data Platform

True North® data platform

The True North data platform (TNDP) is used to move data within and between organisations. It is built on open data standards to provide high integrity, trustworthy data as efficiently as possible.

The TNDP provides a seamless end-to-end solution for entire digital reporting ecosystems. Starting with the formalisation of rules and data into models, through report creation, assurance and data collection then on to processing of data for use by consumers. The platform contains APIs for integration and full SaaS applications for common use cases. These are combined as subscribable facilities to meet a specific objective or achieve the required competency.

The XBRL Standard is key to the success of the platform. It provides an open and proven technology on which to build data-driven functionality.

Why CoreFiling

CoreFiling combine years of XBRL expertise and an innovative solution platform to meet your business needs. Our solutions are used around the globe from our locations in the UK, Asia Pacific and Central Europe. Our partnerships enable broad access to end user solutions for reporting while our direct engagements focus on the running of national filing programmes.

Whether you need to prepare tagged iXBRL to meet requirements such as ESEF and ESG, or you need a solution to validate and process XBRL data, CoreFiling’s True North data platform has the answer.

If you need to create digital data standards, such as XBRL taxonomies, we can help with that too. Our expert data modellers can help to design your taxonomy, and the True North data platform provides the technology to automate, orchestrate, and generate an XBRL specification compliant taxonomy quickly and easily.

Our aim is simple. We want to make data efficient, reliable and effective regardless of your position in the reporting ecosystem.

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