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Our clients

COREP and FINREP reporting under the CRD IV mandate

Pillar 3 reporting under the Solvency II mandate

Regulators and government agencies
Helping with XBRL data collection, validation and review

Corporate filers
Simplifying the creation of XBRL and iXBRL reports

What people are saying

Seahorse… [provides] an elegant and relatively straightforward solution to the problem of converting Word content for iXBRL filing.

Simon Hurst

ICAEW IT , Faculty's IT Counts' blog

XBRL Development

XBRL training – NEW
Flexible courses delivered by XBRL experts

Build powerful online reporting frameworks
Proven components and expert professional services

Create and apply business rules
Data validation logic promotes quality and consistency

Review and analyse data
Monitor company status and the health of markets

File XBRL and iXBRL returns
Use our flexible products to create fully validated reports

Conquer the CRD IV challenge
XBRL data conversion for COREP & FINREP reporting

Create Solvency II Pillar 3 disclosures
Solutions for Solvency II XBRL reporting

Need help?

Produce COREP and FINREP reports in XBRL
Simple template generation or a more strategic approach

Create XBRL filings for Solvency II Pillar 3
Conformant XBRL report production

Build a taxonomy to support a filing mandate
Components to manage the XBRL taxonomy lifecycle

Review XBRL and iXBRL documents
Improve quality by checking the validity of filings

View published taxonomies
Understand taxonomy structure and review the concepts

Produce succinct business rules
Maximise filing compliance and consistency

Validate and process XBRL
Apply gateway rules; automate report validation

Submit iXBRL tax returns online
Easy to use, cloud-based software for data conversion

File prudential and financial reports in XBRL
Focus on the content rather than the XBRL format

Analyse and review XBRL reports
Scrutinise the content manually or load into BI systems