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All companies with securities listed on EU regulated markets now need to use the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) for their Annual Financial Reports (AFRs). To meet the ESEF requirements, issuers must submit AFRs in the web’s HTML format with inline XBRL (iXBRL) tagging. Tagging scope started as primary financial statements and is now extended to include block tagging of notes. ESG disclosures and detailed tagging of the complete AFR are on the horizon.

CoreFiling provide full support for ESEF on our True North Data Platform. The Seahorse® application is available to firms and partners now for preparation and review of ESEF filings. Seahorse® is a browser-based application, delivered as SaaS, so clients can get started immediately. Machine learning and AI assistance means consistent and fast tagging.

The finer details of implementation in each country is subtle, but important. These need to be understood fully to successfully submit the AFR. We engage with the European regulators directly to protect our customers from these differences and any changes to ensure their filings are always compliant.


Using Seahorse for ESEF

For such a fundamental change to annual reports, it may be surprising how easy it is to create an ESEF filing. Simply take your InDesign, MS Word or Excel report, upload to Seahorse and Seahorse automatically converts it to HTML and auto-tags your financial tables. Once you have confirmed you are happy with the tagging, you can download the final report, ready for submission.

With Seahorse, you can take advantage of 10 years’ refinement to usability and reliability. As with all filing programmes we support, we deal with all the technical requirements, all the updates and support for future changes so you don’t have to worry.

Seahorse features

Seahorse provides advanced core features to help you create your ESEF filing as easily as possible:

  • Automatic conversion of InDesign, MS Word and Excel reports
  • Full ESEF support, including extensions, anchoring and filing rules
  • AI assisted tagging with machine learning for accuracy, consistency and speed
  • Precise and simple creation of new elements as you go
  • Multi-lingual user interface and tagging to all EU languages

As a mature solution, you get even more, including:

  • Rollover your tags to Year 2 or to similar filings for other entities
  • Block tagging and even full tagging already supported
  • Tagging export for quick review of tagging decisions
  • Full updates for future ESMA taxonomies
  • Access to the global experts in iXBRL reporting

Our credentials

CoreFiling are an independent software company that has delivered iXBRL, XBRL and XML reporting solutions for more than 20 years. Major regulators, accounting firms and filers, including some of the largest companies in the world, rely on our software and services to help them achieve compliance in the easiest way possible. CoreFiling invented the iXBRL format and customers have used our software to produce hundreds of thousands of quality iXBRL documents to date. With our proven expertise and deep knowledge of the technology, we provide maximum confidence and peace of mind for any ESEF filer.

Useful links

The list of regulated markets where issuers will be required to publish in the ESEF can be found by searching for Regulated Market entities at this link.

As well as issuers publishing their own annual reports, they will be published by a national “Officially Appointed Mechanism”, the list of these can be found on the ESMA website.

Basic examples of ESEF documents published as a result of ESMA’s Field test of ESEF can be found here.

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