CoreFiling fully complies with the electronic and information technology accessibility requirements in Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act.

CoreFiling software runs on systems using a version of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and fully integrates with the Accessibility Resources that are built into Windows. These resources fulfil the criteria for § 1194.31 Functional Performance Criteria. Windows Accessibility Resources include the following features:

  • Magnifier – Enlarges a portion of the screen for better visibility.
  • Narrator – Reads on-screen text, dialog boxes, menus, and buttons aloud if speakers or a sound output devices is installed.
  • On-Screen Keyboard – Displays a keyboard that is controlled by a mouse or switch input device.
  • Speech Recognition (Windows Vista only) – Recognizes spoken input commands.

Windows operating systems fully support compatible speech recognition and Braille output applications available from third-party vendors. CoreFiling software running on a Windows operating system should also be compatible with these applications.

Those CoreFiling products which run on Linux or Macintosh benefit from similar accessibility applications in those operating systems.



Product compliance


Product S.508 Compliance
Decimate® The interface for Decimate runs entirely in a browser and is fully accessible to screen-reading tools and magnifiers. We consider it to be fully compliant.
Magnify® Support for the use of screen-reading tools in Magnify is not complete, although there are workarounds that allow them to obtain all the information displayed in the product, as follows:
The display of calculation consistency in the Calculation Inspector and the data displayed in the Tables are not directly accessible to screen-reading tools and should be obtained by using “Export HTML” and viewing the resulting output in a browser. This is not easy to use and remediation is planned in a future release.
The Checklist feature uses icons to show status. Users of screen-reading tools should use the “View Issues” menu option to display the full details of items in review and failed tests in the Issues panel. Remediation is planned in a future release.
True North® server products These products do not include graphical user interfaces. Accessibility standards do apply to the documentation, however, and this is fully browser-viewable and therefore compliant.
SpiderMonkey® Undergoing VPAT review.

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