Reporting with True North

Efficient and high quality solutions for regulatory, tax and statutory reporting

Using the True North data platform as part of your reporting process enables you to prepare your reports quickly, collaboratively review and then submit with confidence.

Tax, company registration, ESG and securities disclosures can be prepared using the iXBRL and ESEF tagging solution. Financial institutions also have to prepare regulatory and statistical returns in XBRL and XML formats, which can be created using the template-based solution.

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iXBRL and ESEF tagging

With True North you can convert your report from Word, Excel or InDesign formats into iXBRL, the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), the UKSEF variant and XHTML for reports that do not need to be tagged.

The conversion is fully automatic, and an AI assistant helps you to tag, including automated tagging of tables. Our fixed layout technology ensures that your report design is faithfully reproduced in the final document.

Validation covers all applicable filing rules, business rules and technical validation. You can even define your own in house checks to run.

Review is carried out using True North’s online collaborative review or offline using the tagging review sheet.

Once you are ready to submit, simply download the final report and use it in your filing. You can also generate a standalone report viewer version for your website.

  • Streamlined tagging process
  • Auto and AI assisted tagging
  • Easy for accountants to use
  • No installation required
  • Ready for full tagging and ESG disclosures
  • Roll forward tagging to next year
  • Managed updates, always up to date
  • XBRL certified

XBRL and XML templates

With True North you can create XML and XBRL returns without worrying about the underlying technical format.

Select the return you need to create and True North generates Excel templates for that return. If the reports are large and require different people to fill in, templates can be split across multiple Excel workbooks.

You can also use the CSV option to provide your data as direct extracts from databases or other sources where Excel may be impractical.

Once the templates are filled in, a single button press creates the XBRL or XML and validates the return. The correct validations are automatically selected to match the framework, return type and jurisdiction.

True North supports collaborative review and identification of data errors using the integrated report viewer. Review spreadsheets can also be downloaded for use offline.

  • Simple solution for any XBRL or XML return
  • Consistent, easy to use templates
  • Fastest validation for returns with lots of data
  • No installation required
  • Maintains historic versions for resubmission
  • Auto-selection of filing rules for your jurisdiction
  • Managed updates, always up to date
  • XBRL certified

Platform subscription packages for external reporting

Seahorse (tagging)

Seahorse (templates)

Beacon review

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